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Work/Life Balance


Maintaining work/life balance is important to your physical, emotional, psychological and mental health.

What would a good work/life balance be for you? Consider the following questions:

  • Are you bringing work issues home with you?
  • Are you getting sufficient sleep? Lack of sleep is a factor for many people living with episodic disabilities in triggering an episode of illness.
  • How much exercise are you getting?
  • Is your diet balanced and healthy?
  • Do you have people that you can rely on for emotional support?
  • What stressors do you have in your personal life? Do these affect your work? How are you managing them, and what support can you get to address them?

Finding and maintaining a good work/life balance is an ongoing process. Improving how well you do the above can reduce episodes of illness and can help you do your job better. See the forum section of this website for more information on how others living with episodic disabilities have developed better work/life balance.


Q - What should I know about work/life balance?

A - Work/life balance looks different for everyone. To figure out what you need to do to stay ‘well’ at work, get to know yourself. What causes you stress? How much are you impacted by not sleeping well?

Having both physical and emotional supports in place is important in maintaining balance. Taking care of your body, mind and emotional health is like a three-legged stool. When all are in place, the stool will sit properly.


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